These are a list of some activities which do change 

​We have bear building £10-£12 ( also add sounds smells and clothing these are extra ) 
Plate painting £2
Pot painting £3/£4
Superhero pot painting NEW £4 
Jewellery making £2
Clay making £3
Peg wooden animals £2
Wooden trinket boxes £2
Wooden rocking horses £2
Buttery fly key rings £1 for 2
Sword decorating £2
Sewing crafts £2-£3
Wooden egg cups £1.50
Canvas art. £2.50
Fabric pencil case £2
Fabric bags £3
Fabric butterfly hangers 50p
Wooden fairy doors £4

Other activities to follow


Call us today at 07592482573. We are happy to help.


Here at Chicoccino you can come and build you own new teddy friend. We try to keep a good range of bears in stock. We now also stock a range of bear clothing. With every bear you get to stuff your own bear, create your own birth certificate, love heart and a rucksack. Each 16" bear is just between £10-£11 each.